Thursday, 27 March 2014

Canal Markets.

It's time to get busy again. Christmas has  long passed, towpath trading a bit desultory, and the winter months have been occupied with making items for sale in summer, doing written readings and doing various palmistry 'gigs' like hen nights and steampunk markets. It's all good fun but what I am really looking forward to is summer canal trading and in particular the floating markets arranged by the Roving Canal Traders Association. The first one will be at Stone on the 2nd to 4th of May, the early Bank Holiday.
A selection of boats trading all sorts will be gathering in this old canal town.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Getting busy

Well, the busy season begins. Usually I do three or four live readings a week and about the same number of postal readings, but it's hotting up big time now as people look for an unusual Christmas or Yule present for a special person. Today I have done a live reading, posted out two palm print kits and written up three readings. I am getting to know the post office folk in Marple, Whaley Bridge and  Stockport! 
This is what a palm print kit looks like, I can send it to you to pass on or send it direct to a recipient. It contains an inking kit, instructions, a questionnaire and a SAE. Simply take a palm print, fill in the questionnaire and pop in the enclosed SAE, I will then write up the reading and post it back to the recipient.
A beautiful personal present that will be treasured for a lifetime.
At £30, it's a substantial, meaningful present that no one else will have thought of. 

Secret Santa gifts

What a pain secret Santa gifts are, and so difficult to choose. But is that person you are nominated to buy for just a little bit boho, or pagan or into Fate?
For just £5 receive a Rune Reading, a gift wrapped fortune and a pack of Nag Champa Gold joss sticks wrapped and ready to give. Think no more about it. Natural, memorable and simple. 
Call me on 07907 135618 to arrange it :)  

Monday, 7 October 2013

Trading on the Move

Today I am grabbing the chance for a few hours evening trading at Westport Park in the Potteries. We had a lovely atmospheric journey through the five (or is it six ?) towns, past old derelict potteries and a couple still manufacturing. We did a good few locks today and its surprising how much Incense I sell whilst we are on the move, also quick thumbnail freebie readings which are always good for business :) 
We have some lovely new incense lines, Blessings, a really old style hippie smelling one, Midnight, very evening and Laxmi's Lotus in honour of my mother who loved the goddess Laxmi. 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Travelling north

After a busy weekend reading palms at the very exciting Birmingham Floating Market we are now headed north again. On day three of our travels, today we will head through Penkridge and Great Haywood and on up towards Stone. 
We had a wonderful cruise through Birmingham, it's an incredibly atmospheric place on the canals. Loads of folk really enjoyed the boatmans cabin, it's a lovely place to have your palm read.
As always I saw many interesting hands, all as unique and fascinating as the individuals they belong to. 
This picture is of Charlie and I waiting whilst the water tank fills in the beautiful Broad St Basin in Wolverhampton before we began the big task of taking the boat down 21 locks. 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Birmingham Floating Market

Well, it's Sunday afternoon and finally I have a moment to sit down and snatch a minute to write. The Floating Market has been a resounding success, fifteen or more boats gathered trading herbs, readings, jewellery, canal painting, crafts and fenders and much more besides. The sun has been shining and the Brummie public out in droves. We have all done well, and the banter between the boaters has been constant and joyful. We will be back next year for sure ! 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Tunnels and Post

Our journey today began with the Harecastle tunnel. Well over a mile long it takes one way traffic only and involves tunnel keepers communicating with each other end. The roof is low and one must make sure nothing on the boat roof can catch. There is almost always a wait for this tunnel in summer, but this morning we were greeted with a cheery 'alright Here Be Dragons, go on through.' With no time to tie up we hastily shoved the dog box below and set off, me feeling my way from light switch to light switch to the front of the boat to align the tunnel light correctly.
The Goddess seems to be smiling on this journey, we are making good time. In half an hour or so we will pop out into the  southern half of the canal system, well on our way to Brum. Still some shopping in Stoke to do, two postal readings to post and fifteen locks if we have enough light!